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        發布人:管理員   發布時間:2022-5-4


        In the development market of mould, the development speed of well cover mould will be higher than that of other moulds. Well cover mould is a precision tool with complex shape and bears the expanding force of blank. It has higher requirements for structural strength, steel, surface hardness, surface roughness and machining accuracy. The proportion of well cover mould in mould industry will gradually increase


        Well cover mold is mainly used to generate cement well cover, which is mainly used to seal various underground facilities, such as: in order to solve this problem, composite cement well cover came into being.


        Well covers are mostly used in cities and towns, factories and mines, large-scale material distribution centers and other places, with different service conditions, and corresponding service levels should be determined. According to different use conditions, the corresponding well cover products can not only meet the use requirements of various roads and sites



        To ensure the safety and reliability of the well cover in the use process, and to maximize the rational use of materials, to avoid resource waste, reduce the cost of production and use of the well cover.


        Our factory has taken a series of measures for a long time to strengthen the material quality and all aspects of the properties of the mould, improve the quality and convenience of the products, so that the mould products can be produced under the best conditions and produce more high-quality products