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        發布人:管理員   發布時間:2022-4-6


        The selection of high-speed slope protection mold is important to select according to the size. Because the drawings of each high-speed high-speed railway are different, it is better to do it according to the actual requirements. Next, the most important thing is to select materials, which is a very important work. Generally, the selection of such molds requires good toughness, not easy to damage, reduce the damage rate, and smooth demoulding surface, If we choose inferior raw materials, the cost is low, but it is easy to be damaged. Choosing good raw materials can better guarantee the service life of slope protection mould.



        The processing of high-speed slope protection mold has its own particularity. Compared with other mechanical processing, most of the molds need to process complex space curved surface on the solid core module. With the development of large-scale mold from time to time, the module weight will be more and more large.


        At present, there are few requirements for the production of high-efficiency and high-precision square shape products.

        井蓋模具在我司有著多年的生產經驗 ,我司能生產出高品質,高質量,外觀美麗的井蓋模具,不管是接照我司自己的生產規格還是客戶的來圖定制,我司將以最真誠的態度對待每一個產品,力求做到****。

        We have many years of production experience in our company. We can produce high-quality, high-quality and beautiful slope protection mould. We will treat each product with the most sincere attitude and strive to be the best, no matter according to our own production specifications or customized by customers.