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        發布人:管理員   發布時間:2022-1-8

        井蓋模具的生產注重細節則客戶使用可以大膽放心,高質量的模具是我們生產的方向。The production of slope protection moulds pays attention to details, and customers can be assured that the use of high-quality moulds is the direction of our production.

        所有的塑料模具所用的原材料都是一級新料,不加粉碎回料,所以不要市面上用粉碎回料做的模具,使用粉碎回料做的模具使用壽命短,容易老化,變形.表面不平整,水泥件不容易脫模。All the raw materials used in plastic moulds are first-class new materials, without crushing and recycling, so don't use crushing and recycling to make moulds on the market. The use of crushing and recycling to make moulds has short service life, easy aging, deformation, uneven surface, cement parts are not easy to demould.


        模具要求具有很強的防滲漏性,并且對于道路有很好的防滑性能。井蓋模具產品擁有先進的生產設備Die requirements have a strong anti-seepage, and for the road has a good anti-skid performance. Slope protection mould products have advanced production equipment

        其自動化、智能化的生產方式既保證了產品的質量,在降低生產成本井蓋模具產品的使用壽命Its automatic and intelligent production mode not only ensures the quality of products, but also reduces the production cost and the service life of slope protection die products.

        With a more pragmatic business style, better quality of slope protection mold products, more perfect pre-sale consultation, more active after-sales service, we will sincerely work with our customers to provide customers with continuous updating, continuous improvement and real high-quality molds.