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        發布人:管理員   發布時間:2021-8-21

        永久模具生產的井蓋模具具有韌性強 ,光亮度高,不變形,易脫模,破損率低等特點。一般采用工程聚丙塑料經注塑機注塑成型。

        The well cover mould produced by permanent mould has the characteristics of strong toughness, high brightness, no distortion, easy demoulding and low breakage rate. Engineering polypropylene plastics are generally used for injection moulding by injection moulding machine.


        The quality of the well cover mould is very light, and the toughness of the stone plastic mould along the road is better, it is not easy to break, not deformed, and meets the market demand. These materials from the well cover can better reflect the value of this new product.



        Well cover mould is a tool for forming cement well cover. The cement products produced by this kind of well cover mould can meet the needs of engineering, bring great convenience to the current power system, and thus the overall level of the industry has been greatly improved.


        As an important member of the industry, the well cover mould is investing in a new development field with irresistible force. Now advocating energy saving and emission reduction can greatly prepare for the cleanliness and freshness of the environment.